Posts in 2020

  • A book in french about CP

    02.03.2020 in Blog

    If you read french, you may be interested in this book entitled “Programmation par Contraintes : démarches de modélisations pour des problèmes d’optimisation”. The following link provides more details, including codes in …

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  • Tutorials migration

    05.02.2020 in Blog

    The updating of the site continues with the progressive migration of the tutorials. We are now close to a release. It will be effective once the validation of the current version of the documentation and especially the update of the release scripts …

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  • Revamping documentation

    31.01.2020 in Blog

    We are pleased to announce that the Choco-solver site is getting a fresh start. We wish to gather under the same banner the technical documentation and the tutorials. For this, we chose Hugo, a static site generator and Docsy, a pretty Hugo theme. …

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