This section is where the tutorials for Choco-solver lives - all the information you need to take charge of the library.

Note that it is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the theoretical concepts of constraint-programming. The current material is meant to help the reader to learn the basics of Choco-solver 4.10.3, not constraint-programming itself.

General documentation on constraint-programming may be found at:

In case the reader is completely new to the domain of constraint-programming, it is highly recommended to attend training courses.

First Example

A first model step by step.

Verbal Arithmetic

A mathematical game.

Warehouse Location Problem

Where to build warehouses and which warehouse supplies which customer.

Airplane Landing Problem

Become an air traffic controller.


A picture logic puzzle.

Golomb Ruler

An imaginary ruler.

Traveling Salesman Problem

What is the shortest possible route that visits each city.

Designing a constraint

Steps to follow to create your own constraint.

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