Using Ibex.

To manage continuous constraints with Choco, an interface with Ibex has been done. It needs this library to be installed on your system.

“IBEX is a C++ library for constraint processing over real numbers. It provides reliable algorithms for handling non-linear constraints. In particular, round off errors are also taken into account. It is based on interval arithmetic and affine arithmetic.” – http://www.ibex-lib.org/

Installing Ibex

See the installation instructions of Ibex to complied Ibex on your system. More specially, take a look at Installation as a dynamic library Do not forget to add the --with-java-package=org.chocosolver.solver.constraints.real configuration option.

Using Ibex

Once the installation is completed, the JVM needs to know where Ibex is installed to fully benefit from the Choco-Ibex bridge and declare real variables and constraints. This can be done either with an environment variable of by adding -Djava.library.path=path/to/ibex/lib to the JVM arguments. The path /path/to/ibex/lib points to the lib directory of the Ibex installation directory.

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